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ETA ISO of the Year 2011Payment Innovations for a Changing World

"Traditional credit card and check processing is simply too narrow a focus for a company in this industry. The vast vertical opportunities associated with Financial Institutions and savvy merchants must be addressed. PAI will focus on the entire financial processing landscape by including solutions that include ATMs and analytic services along with credit card and check processing." John J. Leehy III , CEO

Payment Alliance International (PAI) is your most powerful partner in payment solutions and is always looking for ways to help you increase profits. From bank card and check services to ATMs, we are focused on your financial transactions - and offer more than the traditional payment company. We have several diverse programs that include credit card, check, ATM, and analytical solutions. By leveraging our expertise, you eliminate the “fear factor” of doing something new. Whether you're new to financial processing or an experienced veteran – we make it happen. Let us help you maximize your revenue today!

Opportunities are also available to become a partner of PAI.

To learn more about these exciting programs for Bankcard Professionals, visit our partners page.

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