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Turnkey ATM cash just got affordable. Payment Alliance International (PAI) now offers an ATM vault cash and partner program called PAI CA$H Alliance. This comprehensive cash solution provides your business with access to cash, armored carrier management and forecasting services – at highly competitive rates! PAI has partnered with Cash Connect by WSFS Bank, a premier supplier of vault cash, to provide a great benefit to our Market Partners.

Benefits of PAI CA$H Alliance Extremely Affordable
  • Free up your cash
  • Free up your time
  • Grow your business
  • Earn higher rates of return
  • Lower your costs (vehicle, gas, salary, insurance, back-office, downtime)
  • Safety for your employees and customers
  • Cash is fully insured
  • On-line monitoring
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Streamlined set-up
When your business utilizes PAI CA$H Alliance, you can successfully and economically run your ATM program at very affordable rates — possibly even saving money when compared to your current operating costs. The program includes:
  • Vault Cash
  • Armored Carrier Cost (includes all fuel surcharges)
  • Total Cash Management (carrier, forecasting, reconciliation)
  • Insurance

Take the headaches away from managing every part of the ATM cash loading process and let PAI handle everything for you by participating in the PAI CA$H Alliance program! You’ll be able to grow your business with all the extra time and money you save!

Want more information? You have options:

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